Pro Valvasone

The Pro Loco is a local office which organises cultural and athletic events. The Pro Valvasone Association was born on 5 December 1972. It is involved in the turistic develpment of the territory. It is in charge of the Tourist Office, as settled by the town administration. The Pro Valvasone gives touristic assistance to individual tourists or groups. It organizes training courses for tour guides of Valvasone. Together with the other associations of Valvasone, it organizes entertaining, cultural and social events and is involved in the maintaining of the lore. The main events organized by the Pro Valvasone are the carnival festivity for the children, the festivities for St. Peter (at the end of June), “San Nicolò” (on the 6th of December), “Luci di Natale” (a series of concerts and events to celebrate Christmas)..

The current board of directors:

  • President: Daniela D'Andrea
  • Vice President: Alessandro Tantin
  • Secretary: Enrico Poniz
  • Treasurer: Daniela Salvadori
  • Member : Swan Battel
  • Member : Giulia Della  Ricca
  • Member : Luca Forte
  • Member : Maria Teresa Milani
  • Member : Simone Salvador

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